About Us

Mafab Communications Limited was incorporated on the 8th of July, 2020 and licensed by the Nigerian Telecommunications commission to provide and operate Local Interconnect and International carrier services.
We operate under two licenses:

  • Interconnect Exchange
  • International Data Access

Why you should choose us

  1. Exceptional voice quality for Local and international calls at the best available market rates.
  2. Smooth hassle-free interconnection.
  3. Use of all code translations for VoIP.
  4. Maintain and monitor one connection to multiple operators
  5. Ease of billing and neutral third-party reconciliation
  6. Support with Short Code routing and management
  7. Maintain one Bi-lateral agreement instead of several Interconnectivity across various protocols.
  8. Provide access to Least Cost Routing
  9. Colocation and access to all major operators and CDMAs alike
  10. 99.5% uptime with fully redundant infrastructure
  11. 24/7 technical support service.
  12. Guaranteed Quality service